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Working in the vicinity of Big Joe’s Fish & Chips

Professional, courteous service is at hand, we are here to help and special care is taken to ensure your door is not scratched or damaged once we leave. See below our services…

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LS Locksmith Clewer Green Services with 11 years of experience operating in the Slough area provides safe and speedy locksmith services to the community.  All of our work is fully guaranteed and we aim to secure your home with minimum fuss. 

Our Vans carry a range of locks and spares to enable us to carry out any job at any time of the day or night and we accept calls 24/7.  Our guys are experienced and carefully vetted in order to support the reputation the name LS Locksmith represents. 

We will attend to any emergency including broken locks and keys as well as lockouts and post-burglary repairs.  

You can be ensured that all repair work will be carried out by professional locksmiths who would not damage your door and carry out the job as soon as possible to help you carry on with your daily activities.  We aim to arrive within the hour unless unforeseen circumstances accrue such as bad weather.
Clewer House School was established in the 19th century as a grammar school for boys in Clewer, Windsor, Berkshire. The school provided instruction in various subjects, including Classics, Mathematics, French, German, English, Singing, and Gymnastics, to approximately 130 boarders. Students were prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, and by 1873, they had earned a total of 248 certificates, 92 of which were in honours. The school was located in Clewer House, a manor house built around 1795. In the early 1800s, the house was occupied by John Ramsbottom (1778–1845), a former MP for Windsor who moved to Old Windsor around 1835. Reverend William Redford Harris, a magistrate in Windsor who served as the town’s mayor in 1864, founded Clewer House School in 1839. The school gained a reputation for academic excellence over several decades, but it closed down around the turn of the 20th century.